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Label : Cosmic Adventures

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2014

Pays : France



Kosme - 1st Thing 1st

10,99 €


Kosme compares his art to sailing, wandering from one island to the next in an incessant and utopian pursuit of sonic truth. Like all explorers with merit, his voyage is driven by more than mere travel; it is driven by the simple pleasure of discovery. The encounters along the way have shaped and will continue to him and his art. It has become imperative to keep a log of these changes. Cosmic AD is the logbook, an honest self portrayal of his musical evolution, without fabrication or pretense. Too often electronic music is subjected to the damaging opinions of others and categorized in a movement or a trend, choking the freshness out of the sound. Cosmic AD provides the platform for him to present his music to the public the way he wants to, when he wants to; his artistic adventure is out there for all who want to witness. A concise account of his creative energy, a unique platform for a unique artist who searches nothing except discovering new landscapes and inspiration.