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Label : The Other Side Of The City

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2012

Pays : France

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The Other Side Of The City - Downtown Revitalization

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The label launches a serie of LPs with analogique Techno tracks from the heart of the other side of the city. The first EP reflects the days when Techno and Electro came together. The four pieces are oppressive, syncopated and play on omnipresent tension. Behind the highway, near the industrial area, next to the airport, somewhere in the innercity, urban principles fall apart. That leaves the enclaves, mono functionalism and an urban ultra density that local governments are struggling to eradicate. Both a cage and a cocoon, there is a space where development opportunities hit the wall. Hybrid Places that combines urban collapse and "The New Culture", endemic violence and solidarity, all of which is left to the communities to deal with without outside help. When the post-industrial economy becomes sporadic and nothing else takes shape, man is left at the mercy of his environment. Techno appears and becomes a parallel between man and the city, as another faceless entity which unifies them. This unity is the result and Techno is the process.