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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2016

Pays : France

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Rupture de stock

Gari Romalis & Lello Di Franco - The Union

14,99 €
REF : LAX142


Gari Romalis and Lello Di Franco - Dreamin For the uninitiated, our man Gary Romalis is the unsung master of Detroit's house and techno scene. Having DJed across the motor city's top venues for the last three decades, Gary is somewhat of a seminal figure for many of Detroit's DJs currently at the forefront. Following a slew of high quality releases on various labels over the past few years, Gary now unleashes that special flavour on us for SKYLAX 142! He is not alone though. With him, he brings all round Italian partymaker, and top selector in his own right, Lello Di Franco. Let me tell you, this duo's collaboration is something to behold. Throughout all 3 tracks on the record, Gary and Lello maintain the essence of what the Detroit underground is all about; stripped back tracks with soul that never feel like they go 'big' for the sake of it. While Dreamin (Wanda Mix) may be packing a big kick and power clap combo, it's the elegantly filtered, jazzy sample that will leave you wishing that the track lasted forever. The vibe takes a dip right into the deep in Detroit Underground (Beat Dat Mix). Spacious pad synths alongside a mesmeric vocal carry us through. Taking a step back up, Afrobeat rounds off the EP, made with a solid toolkit of afro-centric samples.