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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : Focus

Date de sortie : 2023

Pays : France



Maltitz - Ryokucha EP (Pre-orders)

15,00 €


Skylax records is very proud to welcome an amazing Berlin DJ Producer, the amazing : Maltitz !
The "Ryokucha" EP is a mesmerizing 12 inch that takes you on a genre-bending journey through the realms of Italo Disco, Indie Dance, House, and Wave. Maltitz, a Berlin-based DJ, producer, and musician, showcases his eclectic style and diverse musical influences in this captivating release. Having made appearances on renowned labels such as Fauve Records, Italo Moderni, Cracki, and Bordello a Parigi, Maltitz has established himself as a prominent figure in the music scene. His DJ sets are known for their energetic and dynamic atmosphere, seamlessly blending genres and surprising audiences with his distinct humor and sex appeal. Maltitz has graced renowned Berlin venues including Funkhaus, Salon - zur Wilden Renate, //about:blank, Golden Gate, Æden, Ipse, Paloma Bar, and Sisyphos, while also leaving a lasting impression outside the capital, with performances in cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel, and Dresden. "Ryokucha" is a testament to Maltitz's artistry, featuring four captivating tracks that embody his diverse range of sound. The EP kicks off with "Kukicha," a pulsating journey of infectious rhythms and swirling melodies. "Gyokuro" follows suit, immersing listeners in its hypnotic blend of intricate beats and ethereal synths. On the flipside, "Bancha" enchants with its dreamy atmospheres and shimmering textures, while "Dr. Sencha 550" elevates the experience with its pulsating basslines and captivating groove. Prepare to be transported into the world of Maltitz, where the boundaries of genres blur and the dancefloor becomes an emotional connection between artist and audience. "Ryokucha" is a testament to Maltitz's ability to curate an unforgettable musical experience, one that lingers in your mind and resonates with your soul. Embark on this sonic adventure and let the infectious rhythms and captivating melodies of "Ryokucha" guide you through a captivating landscape of sound.