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Label : Wax Classic

Format : 12

Style : Deep house

Date de sortie : 2012

Pays : France

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Rupture de stock

Nick Beringer - First Floor

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Straight from germany, this talented producer, Nick Beringer, delivered some of the best deep house music around. Entitled "The first floor ep", it starts with "Show me" which is one of those eminently soulful house tracks with a sparse approach to production, all the elements sounding so crisp and distinct in the mix but judged perfectly. whilst "Rooted" is a louche head nodder supreme. On the flip side, with "Got that" hes creating an all-enveloping atmosphere with its oven-warm pads and rich analogue bass, punctuated with jazzy chords and vocal murmurings. "Defense" showcases hes excellent knack for crafting Moodymann style textures with the depth to boot, combining a solid rhythmic snap with drawn out vocal landscapes and Detroit-referencing melodies. And to last, "Trouble" is all brisk, upright percussive layers splayed over swooping disco filtration. Nicks approaching house from various angles and tempos and naturally theres plenty of deft usage of samples, such an EP just demonstrate how on top of their game SKYLAXWAX CLASSIC is right now - big tip! VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2