• Neuf

Label : Skylax

Format : 2 x 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2014

Pays : France



Joey Kay ‎– The Heart & Soul Of Joey Kay (A Chicago Retrospective 1990•2012) (LP)

29,99 €


Following the success of its first release by the ever elusive Jason Grove, the vinyl-only sub-label Skylax Extra Series returns with a little something beyond special. For those house-heads in the know, the man needs no introduction, but for those uninitiated, sit back and prepare for this double 12" selection to further your education in house music.Joey Kay hails from Chicago in the US and has influenced a great many producers in the last two decades with his signature take on the deep house sound. He keeps things simple in the best possible sense of the word, stripping back tracks to their bare essentials in order to maintain what the spirit of house music is all about: the groove, the soul and the feeling of being carefree, even if only experienced for a few minutes at a time. There are no superfluous or ancillary sounds in Joey's music and this is all the more evident when taking a step back and listening to his spectrum of output in this collection, which spans more than twenty years of his career. VIDEO