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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : Electro

Date de sortie : 2024

Pays : France



RotorMotor - Dream Beams (Amarcord Remix) (Pre-orders)

15,00 €


Skylax records is proud to introduce you to the sound of RotorMotor with their Astounding "Dream Beams" EP that encapsulates the essence of early '90s trance, Italo disco, and EBM, while evoking the nostalgic sound of Kompakt from 2004 to 2007. Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, RotorMotor is a dynamic duo whose tracks have gained popularity through their association with Lesyeuxorange, Feinstoff, Sexy Dinosaur From Outer Space, and esteemed remix luminaries like Neurotiker. Prepare to be transported into an audio realm where pulsating beats and infectious melodies collide. The EP kicks off with "Size Of a Photon," a track that encapsulates the signature sound of Kompakt in its purest form. "Feel My Pulse" follows suit, immersing listeners in a rhythmic journey that resonates deep within. One of the EP's standout moments is the remarkable remix by Italian producer Amarcord, recently acclaimed for his releases on Ombra International, Eskimo Recordings, and Curses' excellent compilation "Next Wave Acid Punx". Amarcord's remix of "Flashblinded" flawlessly blends breakbeat and trance elements, resulting in an elegantly treated sonic masterpiece. On the flipside, RotorMotor collaborates with Pholia on "Flashblinded," delivering both an instrumental and a vocal version. The vocal rendition adds a post-apocalyptic touch as Pholia's robotic voice sings in Slovenian, creating an atmospheric and haunting experience. "Dream Beams" is a demonstration to RotorMotor's ability to fuse influences from the past with a contemporary twist, creating a sonic landscape that captivates the senses. With their relentless energy and creative vision, RotorMotor never ceases to amaze. This vinyl release is a must-have for any enthusiast of electronic music seeking an extraordinary sonic adventure. Grab your copy and experience the hypnotic power of RotorMotor.