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Label : Bosconi Extra Virgin

Format : 2LP

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2011

Pays : Italy




Minimono - Runaway

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At the end of a decade, that has been a crossroad of contamination between visual & performing arts and music, was born Minimono (Florence, 1997) a collective of artists whose name already intends to highlight a pioneering aspiration towards all that in those years was related to technology and its possibilities.
Minimono infact, in the story Freezone by John Shirley, indicates a new frontier of music where a new technology allows you to tune songs directly from your brain.
This technology is applied to a group of humanoids, the Minimonos, which are in conflict with the reactionary Rickenharp rocker who is fighting in the name of pure rock 'n' roll, which, however, must eventually give up his fight under the weight of relentless evolution.
The metaphor told in the cyberpunk book, became the "flag" of the newly formed collective, which was now focused on melting and developing different forms of artistic expression.
In 2003 the meeting between Ennio Colaci (one of the founders of the collective) and the dj Fabio della Torre will bring the Minimono to a turn in favor of musical creation. From the successful collaboration between the two comes infact the publication of several records on international labels like Telegraph, Tuningspork, Oslo, Ethique, Tenax the first of whom, in 2003, accounted for the Florentine label Urban Mantra.
After nearly ten years of working together their music, that saw its evolution from microhouse to funky-house productions, never lost its black and soul attitude that can be seen from the samples they use taken from the soulful and funky atmosphere of the '60s and 70.
For two years, moreover, Fabio della Torre with the hel of his fellow mate Ennio manages Bosconi records and Bosconi Extra Virgin. The former, mainly aimed to explore all the possible ramifications of electronic dance, from deep-house or Detroit techno to UK funky and nu-disco.
Bosconi Records is now recognized as one of the most interesting phenomenon of Italian record label of the recent years, representing many of the major Italian artists of the genre: Rufus, Mass_Prod, Riccio, The Clover, Marco D’aquino, Alex Picone, Ilario Alicante, and of course Minimono
Bosconi records is characterized by a strong musical background, which is born from an Italian reality but does not neglect some collaborations with international producers such as the scottich producer The Revenge of Scotland, the British Mark E and the duo 100Hz or Altered Natives, American Bruno Pronsato, Hungarian Jaffa Surfa, the Swiss Crowdpleaser or french project P&D.
The sister label, Bosconi Extra Virgin, investigates more in a larger musical vision, a sublabel dedicated to organic house music, where everything sounds “almost” played by real musicians...
This is why Minimono decided to release their album on this one!
"Runaway", cames after a long process that resolved at the end of a summer full of inspiration for both musicians.
The result is a blend of house music and down-tempo, contaminated by funk always present more or less in their productions.
Songs like Downtown are a prime example of this blend of groove and intelligent melodies, while others, such as No Time To Loose, represent a return to the funk played in song form: the singing, guitar and Rodhes joins a funky groove- house made of drum machines and samples.
Smoking Mind instead is a track that takes us directly to the French house and electro, typical of Minimono’s dance music philosophy; Runaway is a contemporary dance-flavored Ballade very melodic with strings and horns creating a wonderful atomsphere; Weeds Finally, with his hip hop groove and guitar typically soul, is a good mix of electronic and jazz.
Eleven Tracks, passing through the world of dance without falling into banality, a rich and diverse album to dance and listen. Of special concern is the album cover: the image of the logo Minimono, a sculpture by the visual artist Sandro Mele and now located in Buenos Aires in the estate of Halcon White. The old collaboration with Sandro Mele showa once again the basic idea of Minimono of always acting and be opened towards new evoluzions and collaborations for more formes of artistic expressions.