• Neuf

Label : Beat X Changers

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2016

Pays : France



Neue Grafik - Roy

11,99 €
REF : BXC006


On that artwork, Neue Grafik deviates from its Grime, Garage usual universes. Haunted by Paris and by its wits, he offers us an EP more house, more dancing, in a more intimate and personified approach.
Joey Anderson : Thanks bro !
Evans : It's cool everything is consistent, after all Belleville is actually different. I love that perspective of returning to simple drums, and looking for textures.
Oxyd : This EP is cool, you could have called Belleville Jean Michel infrabass J thank you anyway, I will use your track.

Jaw Jam : Amazing man ! Just gave the full EP a listen ! 3 bis is amazing !
Brunks : Belleville is my favorite track of the four hopr the EP goes well !

Lion Gonzalez : Hey man, this ep is sick man, nice job !''.