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Label : Bass Culture

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2013

Pays : France



OCH - Improvise

10,99 €


Bass Culture welcome British producer OCH into the fold for their latest release, the Impressive EP, which we must say certainly lives up its name. OCH hails from London, but relocated to Sweden, where he produces most of his material – with previous releases coming via imprints such as Baby Ford’s PAL SL Records, Trelik and Autoreply, OCH has established himself as a reputable source of carefully-crafted, deep, often introspective techno sounds. His productions caught the ear of label boss D’julz and culminated in this four-track EP, which is full of off-kilter rhythms and warped sounds. Take the first track for example, with tribal percussion kicking in from the off. It’s soon joined by a wonky chime effect that meanders up and down, colliding with the beats and beguiling the listener with its captivating movement. An old school vocal sample drops in, before the track continues at a pace droplets of water can be heard in the background and cantankerous snare makes its presence felt throughout. A strong start. Ultimate DJ Tool is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a one-minute loop with a sample repeating ‘This is… the ultimate’ accompanied by a synth stab in the background. Certainly guaranteed to do some serious work on the dancefloor when used in the right way. Next up is Chill Haze, a relentless, driving techno track that rolls and rolls (and rolls) repetitive and enchanting in its continuous flow. As the beats clap around the whirring bassline you’ll be come transfixed by its allure, like a cobra to snake charmer’s flute. Airy melodies dance away in the background as the bass drives on, with just a couple of moments of respite. Finally Ultimate Kommunikation is a more downbeat affair, trundling along with a sullen feel, emotive synths cascade over the stepping beats. The vocal utters ‘This is… the ultimate’, flutes sing away adding extra gravity to the dramatic feel of the track and punctuating a delightful breakdown. OCH throws down some serious music in this new package from Bass Culture, which is a great addition to the Parisian label’s catalogue and to any DJ’s collection.