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Label : Wax Classic

Format : 12

Style : Deep house

Date de sortie : 2012

Pays : France

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Rupture de stock

Jason Grove - Lost Cuts 3

9,99 €


For this 5th release, we give you the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax done by the housemaster : Jason Grove. Born in Detroit, he started his career in the late 80’s, dj-ing in underground parties when the techno house movement was just at the beginning. He was invited few times on detroit local stations such as WDRQ & WJLB to play. Some said he was at that time very close to the “Wizard”, helping producing their first tracks with anthony srock as Final Cut. He had many opportunities during the 90’s to release some of his work on various prestigious labels, however, as the guy is really hardcore & straight edge, he prefered to continue producing only with analog gears (don’t ever speak to him about a computer or he’ll get mad !) & record his work on cassette only, selling it to indie stores & giving it to friends for some special events (birthday, graduation ect ... !). After the incredible releases we had on WAX CLASSIC 1 & 3 (for Lost Cuts I & II), you can grab finally the 3rd part of those legendary tapes. Third Part with more powerful Detroit House / Deep House Madness ! VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2