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Label : Syncrophone

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2015

Pays : France



Zadig - Kern Space Adventures Episode 2

18,00 €


The first "episode" of Zadig's Kern Space Adventures series, released in 2014, offered a particularly intergalactic take on deep house, and sat somewhere between Alien-era Larry Heard, the inherent far-sightedness of Detroit techno, and the head-in-the-clouds electronics of Space Dimension Controller's more ambient moments. There's a similarly weightless, drifting-through-space feel about this follow up. It's particularly noticeable on "Quiet Orbit Around Gladia 2", a heady fusion of deep space rhythms, loopy, acid-influenced electronics and tactile chords that seem to stretch out beyond the horizon. There's a little more bump and swing to the slightly darker "Hunted By The Cosmic Assassin", but it still comes smothered in glassy-eyed pads and immersive electronics.