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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Date de sortie : 30 Apr 13

Pays : France

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A Fistful Of Wax 2 (Si'Ke DJs, Jackmaster K, Giovanni Damico & Mike Sharon)

9,99 €


A FISTFUL OF WAX is an extension for some very special projects of our beloved deep house SKYLAX RECORDS' sub - label WAX CLASSIC. For this 2nd release, we give you the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax done by some of the best Deep House producers at the moment. A1 is done by the great Si'ke Djs who've been releasing some very hot tunes through Mark Kinchen Say Ahh! & on swink music labels. A2 is done by our brother Jackmaster K who delivered again here an ANTHEM, it reminds us some of best house music ever made (remembering mad mike's happy trax) ! While on the B side we have also 2 bomb tracks featuring first on B1 Giovanni Damico who has produced many 12 inches over the years particularly on White Rabbit & Deso who created quite some fuss in the ecks charts recently. B2 is Mike Sharon from Local Talk fame Those tracks are all firmly rooted into the deep house sound.They never settle into one comfortable, predictable groove. Its heady, emotion-rich grooves include warm, melodic two-step and future garage flavas, dubwise slo-mo grooves. It's eclectic, no doubt, but thanks to those guys warm production and heavy deep vocals, this release will put your hands up in the air marvellously. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2