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Label : eminemgoesitalo

Format : 12

Style : Edits

Date de sortie : 2023

Pays : USA



Eminemgoesitalo (Vinyl Only)

15,00 €
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This project should have been born exactly 17 years ago in 2006 when it was created. However, a series of unforeseen events and the feeling that this project would have been misunderstood led us to delay it until today. In the meantime, we have signed countless records & artists and have acquired a reputation for excellence through our "uncompromising" attitude. We are happy that finally this project sees the light of day, it was according to us another way of considering rap, hip-hop and we think that in the end we were rather in the right. Have fun, play it loud.
Italo disco edits made with love by Hardrock Striker, that can be played on all occasions, celebrations : Aīd al-Kabīr, bar mitzvahs & weddings !
"We never knew Eminem would have it in him, but we were proven wrong when 'Eminem Goes Italo' first landed on our laps. While we're unsure exactly who's behind these devilish, rather incongruous mashups, it's safe to say the fusion of songs like 'The Real Slim Shady' and ribbing hi-NRG and/or Italo instrumentals is at least a sonic solution enough to arouse curiosity. Even the more depressive Eminem classics like 'Cleanin' Out My Closet' get reworks, erring on the darker side of both Italo and Slim's oeuvre. We're not sure to what extent this is in jest, but it's a wowing novelty nonetheless." Juno Records