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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : Italo-Disco

Date de sortie : June 30th 2021

Pays : France



Delphi - Clutch Play

14,99 €
REF : LAX153


« Half of Tiger & Woods on a brillant release for SKYLAX RECORDS »

If you ever wondered what it might be like to have a 707 or a Sampler instead of a pacemaker, you could always ask Valerio del Prete aka Delphi, who has been setting dancefloors around the world on fire for years. Delphi has displayed his mastery of acidized arpeggios and deep electronic tropes via an EP on Pigna, before linking up with Roman techno don dada Marco Passarani as the discotech duo Tiger & Woods. Several EPs and two albums of stripped back disco on Editainment and Running Back encapsulate their winning approach – reimagined loops from heady discotheques mixed through the axis of Rome, Chicago and Detroit. In 2016 he released the house/Italo/EBM stomper Blue Tuesday on a split 12” on Tiger & Woods own label T&W Records. For this new release, the brilliant producer (half of tiger & woods we repeat) kicks off the show with the very Italo-discoïde "donuts for dinner", nourished throughout by a monstrous kick and soaring synths. He poses as a worthy heir to the Italian masters of 80s pop who often used the B-side of their songs to experiment with their most adventurous ideas. Zequenz immediately made us think of an imaginary orgy between Ron Hardy and the members of Kraftwerk, this sound is incredibly sharp and would not have denoted on the decks of the legendary DJ. Which leads us straight to the most brawling track on the EP, the aptly named "Ron's lesson" and it is indeed a lesson. This crazy track (obviously dedicated to the legendary chicago DJ) seems to have come straight out of an imaginary session, we must remember how much at that time naivety and therefore distortion (!) Reigned over productions, giving an incredibly raw and edgy side on the dancefloor. Again, this song could have been released 30 years ago. And finally, to come full circle, the very graceful overheat joins the aesthetic of the first track in an elegant and dreamy way. Note that on the label's bandcamp, with the purchase of the vinyl, you can get 3 exclusive bonus tracks (Clutch play, Runinng in place, Sucker). The magic is here, CLEARLY.