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Label : Beat X Changers

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2018

Pays : France



Guber - Anisotropic Expression

11,99 €
REF : BXC008


Guber releases his first EP on Paris based label Beat X Changers at the intersection of Ambiant and mental UK Bass music. The whole project is held by alternation of Slope / Release of sub-frequency and obsessional loop that dye each tracks. Anisotropic Expression is a first work that could be seen here as an draft representation of the behavior of surrounding matter. Non musical influences therefore are brought here by the the study of properties of materials expressed in a musical statement. Raw obsessional patterns, evolving and rolling out over the headroom could be seen as the emulation of many deformation models. Shaping of stereo and arrangement have been handled with the help of the sound engineer & producer X_1 leading to home or club-listening experience as well. Guber is been into music by listening & playing some music of the 70’s and trash-metal that drove him straight to UK Bass music. Since there he is only focusing on spontaneous creation showing faithfull perception of thoughts, leading to a higher level of singularity.