• Neuf

Label : Bass Culture

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2019

Pays : France



Mr G. - French Connection EP

12,99 €


If anyone epitomises the Bass Culture ethos it’s core family member Mr. G. An artist who’s been representing with his undisputed championship styles from day one, Mr. G is widely acknowledged across the world as a fearsome producer and an outstanding performer. With his latest appearance on D’julz’s label he drops two cuts that deliver his inimitable sound; bass-heavy, funky, contagious and utterly unique.
On side A we have ‘Home Alone (on my bday)’, a darkside ride with rugged jackin’ beats as only Mr. G can produce. As the drums bounce along, a hoover-esque b-line is complemented by an infectious vocal clip. The intensity builds slowly combining a hypnotic rhythm with deadly bassweight and killer percussion. Once you’re locked in, there’s no escape - and why would you want to? With vibes this exhilarating, you’ll be boppin’ til the very last beat.
On the flip we have ‘Laid up and vex lol’, a title which belies this cut’s minimalist approach. Deep groovy subs propel the track forwards, setting the pace from the get go as the low end does it work. Sorrowful pads creep in, soon joined by a vintage soulful female vocal. As per usual from Mr. G, the arrangement and programming is exquisite, providing just the right amount of energy at just the right time throughout.
The G man returns to Bass Culture and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.