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Label : Wax Classic

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2017

Pays : France

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Rupture de stock

Tell - Love Story

9,99 €


Tell (aka milan for the ones who know, future miel de montagne) is a french producer who did tracks for beat x changers, banoffee pies, house running, nachtbreaker new imprint & just caught the attention of the mighty boiler room. This is his first ep which is in fact a mini LP & it's a fucking killer ! If you like pepe bradock, moodymann & strictly rhythm (so skylax in a way ;-)), this is definitely for you. Ultra classy producer on the verge of getting BIG. We've been following him for years now (thx to garage shelter / signal st advise) & we won't regret, the result goes far beyond all of our hopes. SKYLAX RECORDS 4 EVER