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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2011

Pays : France

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Hardrock Striker - Motorik Life (DJ Sprinkles remixes)

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Hardrock Striker - Motorik Life 3.5/5 (Resident Advisor)
"Skylax owner Hardrock Striker returns to the fray with "Motorik Life," his first release for the label since 2009. It comes backed with two different takes by Terre Thaemlitz, AKA DJ Sprinkles. Sprinkles, who is currently basking in the well-deserved limelight following the reissue of Routes Not Roots on Skylax, effortlessly continues a run of form that stretches back almost a year with a series of re-releases on the Parisian label that whetted the appetite for the composite long player. The alternate versions will probably be the main selling point of the record, but they shouldn't detract from a fine original by Monsieur Striker.

It's easy to understand, when listening to "Motorik Life," why the eponymous term was invented to describe the forward-feeling 4/4 rhythm. There's a concision and seriousness to the groove that only serves to add to its insistence. The beat has a destination in mind, with delicate, disparate elements coming in and out of focus throughout. It's a solid, reliable piece of work.

The two DJ Sprinkles offerings pick up the pace even more. The dub, however, doesn't really feel that much different, save for the obvious addition of percussion and handclaps, as well as the vocal samples which are subtly understated. The flip, on the other hand, goes that little bit further. The spine of the original is still audible, as in the dub, but it's cloaked in effects that range from cosmic keyboard flourishes to the voice Martin Luther King repeating the version title. It's an intense, dramatic experience that resonates all the more due to its limited vocabulary." VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3

"Hardrock Striker is at the reins for "Motorik Life", the 21st Skylax release - and the label boss's first twelve since 2009 - which will get plenty of attention thanks to the clutch of DJ Sprinkles remixes. However this doesn't mean you should overlook the pummelling brilliance of Hardrock's original, which does a superlative job of marrying Cosmiche rhythms to a deviant techno pulse. The accompanying Sprinkles dub veers away from the techno and towards the Krautrock, adding some shuffling percussion reminiscent of Can's "I'm So Green" before the track unfolds into the vocal patterns that permeate the Striker original. The best is reserved for last with Sprinkles turning in an epic near 14 minute remix that incorporates a spoken word speech that the title refers to - the resultant sound is very much a worthy follow up to Sprinkles' "Midtown Blues" - freeform house business at its finest!" Juno