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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2008

Pays : France



Mike Dunn, Mickey Oliver, Hardrock Striker - Jackin' The Acid

14,99 €
REF : LAX110


For this new project, we decided to bring back to you guys 4 amazing tracks clearly oriented Chicago Acid. The A side is headlined by the great MIKE DUNN, with 2 “Ghetto” tracks “Outta Kontrol” that prodive us some amazing drums with a masterfull bassline & an acid loop that grows constantly. Perfect to keep the pressure on the dancefloor. The other one is called “Beat that shit” & we guess, it speaks for itself, perfect at 4PM ! We can already hear the crowd screaming ! Both are the originals from 1994. Far away so close !

On the B side, we have once again SKYLAX mainman HARDROCK STRIKER with 2 brilliant tracks, 1st is Ralphi Rosario & Mickey Oliver “Pump Up the Acid” & he gave us the opportunity to release his own version (the infamous K.O.12’s Mix for Kick Out the 12’s Mix !) of that “cult” acid electro stomper. To end, the Chicago Dub Mix of his master track “Nirvana” that fits rather well on this glorious ep, a modern version of the chicago style.

Those amazing tracks are obviously very rare to find & as you know now, it has been done a complete new mastering.