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Label : Wax Classic

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2015

Pays : France



Bernard Da Smoove - Montee Louis EP

19,99 €


Focusing on deep and raw vibes, strictly wax and classic beats, The "Montee Louis EP" has been directly imported from bellevue II, libreville gabon, africa & it has been produced by the great Bernard da smoove. MPC-filtered deep house with some darker & menacing rhythms, A1 "Hudson Budd" kicks off the A1 with a meaty 4/4 kick drum which slowly finds itself surrounded by ghostly pads and even more haunting synths. A2 Thrawbock" mutates into a more light hearted house jam for the heads, with its vocal infectious sample. B1 ""Strctly move"" goes back into familiar, smooth deep house territories but still retains his magic touch, able to transform even the deepest of basslines into something both unusual and musical at the same time. B2 & B3 "Thrawbock 88" & "Strctly move 88" are the 90's hip-hop (!!!) versions of the same tracks above : INSANE !!First time we heard it we thought, "hell yeah, the production is just TERRIFIC" & indeed there's a timeless quality to the intricately programmed drum machine rhythms, the drifting chords, warm". It gets recently a heavy support by DJ legend Raresh