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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : January 2020

Pays : France



Lukas Lyrestam - When 2 Bodies Become 1

14,99 €
REF : LAX150


Fresh off a run of vinyl releases supported by legends of the scene like Gerd Janson, Todd Edwards, Move D and DJ Sprinkles, Skylax Records are mighty proud to present Sweden’s Lukas Lyrestam for our 150th release.
“When 2 Bodies Become 1” treads a fine line between raucous deep-house, balearic blues and straight-up sexy music. The opener “Raw Loop” channels classic Pepe Braddock vibes while “Moving Day” sounds like it could’ve come from the sonic experiments of a certain 90s house producer who loves to play keyboards. Lukas is a musician and singer first, which really shows on the flip side of the record – something which Mano Le Tough & Jimpster were very happy to support on a recent release for Clouded House.“Strange Beast” marries off-kilter chorus-kissed guitar riffs with a driving four-to-the floor arrangement while “2 Bodies Become 1” takes a step further away from house music to combine vintage new-order textures and shuffling deep-house. Lukas also builds digital synthesizers in his spare time, something which must’ve come in handy for “Bike Ride With U” an italo-banger closing out the record and sporting a very rubbery bassline. We are super happy to add yet another great house 12-inch to our catalogue and remember, stay underground, it pays!

- Surgeon "I like Raw Loop and Moving Day. Will play in my DJ sets."
- Jennifer Cardini "Rating 5, Perfect!" 
- DVS1 "4/5" 
- Tom Trago "Great ! Thx for sending" 
- Maceo Plex "Rating: 4"
- Richie Hawtin "Rating : 4" 
- Fred P "Superb"
- Sandrien "very nice EP! Classy and refined"
- Elphino "Rating: 4 – strong vibe, feeling it"
- Tensnake "Great EP" 
- Arnaud Rebotini "Great EP"
- Ivan Smagghe "RAW LOOP for me"
- Ripperton "Any Lukas ep's always feels like a wonderful birthday gift!"
- Massimiliano Pagliara "Nice tunes"
- Damian Harris aka midfieldgeneral (Skint) "Love me a bit of Lyrestam... always impressed with his work and this is no exception. Thanks"
- Wata Igarashi "Rating: 4 – Super proper and liking the vibe."
- DJ T (Get Physical) "Rating: 4 – thank you for the music!"
- Brett Johnson "Rating: 5 – Liking the entire release. Hard to pick a fave so I won't. Good stuff."
 - Chambray "RAW LOOP for me, thank uuu"
- Aidan Hanratty (truants/ dublin)"Rating: 4 – This is such a vibe Raw Loop rattles and darts, Moving Day, is deeply engaging, Strange Beast is a glorious romp. Just such good sounds" 
- Thris Tian (gilles peterson worldwide | NTS) "Rating: 5 - sounding very good"
- Patrick Zigon "Rating: 5 – great ep!" 
- Alexi Delano "Will play some!"
- Wes Baggaley "Rating: 4 – Great stuff"
- Alinka (Twirl / Chicago) "Rating: 5 – Love this!"
- Bas Elgharib (Plastic Love, Avalon Hollywood) "Rating: 4 – Skylax is one of the most consistent house record labels around. Always putting out quality proper house. Love em. Moving Day and Strange Beast are top for me."
- Varela "Rating: 4 – amazing" 
- Jerry Bouthier "Rating: 4 – 4th + 5th for me thx a lot, supportin"
- Iron Curtis "Rating: 4 – great EP!"
 - Photonz "Really like 'When 2 Bodies Become 1"
- Luke Slater "Thx!" 
- Erol Alkan
- Riva Starr "Thx!" 
- Gary Webb "Rating: 5 – SKYLAX never disappoint Great tracks"