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Label : Ethereal Sound

Format : 12

Style : Ambiant, Abstract

Date de sortie : 2011

Pays : Russia



Eject Project - 777XXX

18,00 €
REF : ES-015


It was a pleasing surprise to catch Eject Project pop up on Russia's wonderful Ethereal Sound, and even more so to see the label stranding out to great things beyond deep house. It's more of a concept EP, with the title track exchanging frantically between ghostly piano keys and rain-fuelled noise implementations. "Noir" sounds like the ancient tribal horns of civilisations lost in time and "Veld" is an intricate patchwork of sweeping sonic feedback and long, reverberating pads. The finishing touches of "Heart" are a real pleasure - soft and euphoric keys lost to a synth fuzziness only fathomable in the mind of Eject Project.