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Label : Skylax Acid

Format : 12

Style : Italo-Disco

Date de sortie : 2024

Pays : France



De La Phoenix - Dancefloor Fatale (Pre-orders)

15,00 €


Skylax records is proud to introduce you to the sound of UK artist De La Phoenix, introducing "Dancefloor Fatale" - an explosive 12 inch driven by the revolutionary soundscape crafted by KLF, Kraftwerk, and the infectious allure of Italo disco. This EP unleashes a formidable assault on the dancefloor, merging futuristic beats, pulsating rhythms, and infectious melodies. "Dancefloor Fatale" showcases five electrifying tracks: "1991 Ultra," a nostalgic homage to the early '90s; "Dancefloor Fatale," an irresistible anthem commanding bodies to move; "Blade Runner," a cybernetic voyage through dystopian soundscapes; "Prometheus," an epic odyssey of melodic euphoria and sonic rebellion; and "The Rite," a ritualistic experience defying conventions. These tracks resonates with the spirit of resistance, igniting raves in northern England during the era of The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. De La Phoenix's sonic artistry proudly follows in the footsteps of Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. Embark on a bold auditory journey that challenges norms and leaves an indelible mark. "Dancefloor Fatale" epitomizes De La Phoenix's innovative vision, pushing sound boundaries to invigorate the electronic music scene. Brace yourself for a revolution that captivates and energizes.