• Neuf

Label : Warehouse Classics

Format : 12

Style : House

Pays : France



SOUL OF THE MAKOSSA MAN II - Carlos Nilmmns, DJ Soch, Simoncino, Joe Lewandowski, & Lukas Lyrestam

15,00 €


The makossa man is back after a hiatus of 18 years with timeless cover versions from Carlos Nilmmns, DJ Soch, Simoncino, Lukas Lyrestam & Joe Lewandowski ! Limited edition, for DJ use only. 

"DJs this one is for you, The Makossa Man is back AGAIN after its 18 years of hiatus with more of their covers and remixes of the original 2003 EP. Limited to just 300 copies this is a much-welcomed love letter to DJs and the original EP, giving it a lease of new life and being a much-anticipated sequel to the sold-out original Makossa Man Remix EP that is set to release later this August. Carlos Nilmmns and Simoncino are a welcome return to the roster, serving up another plate of fantastic tribal deep house. The rhythms are infectious and hopefully serve as samples for some incredible DJ sets to come." Juno records