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Label : Cool Ghosts

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : March 2019

Pays : France



Syncope - Opticks Ltd 180 units Special Sleeve/Poster

13,99 €


Syncope is concept EP, a mutant musical and visual project initiated in 2018, promoting the inherent link between music and graphic design. It takes roots in Isaac Newton's Opticks treatise, which for the first time addresses a relationship between audible and visible. Syncope aims to explore the diversity and affinity of distinct phenomena such as frequencies, colors, synesthesia, polyrhythm ...Each exploration takes the form of a visual and musical narrative. This duality emerges on all visual and musical media, mixing plastic and technological elements, organic and synthetic, exploring the intimate relationship between man and machine. Dual nature also existing within the object, both a cover and a poster. A particular interest is giving to printing, using offset, with bronze and purple Pantone colors.This EP is the first object resulting from this project. Oil thief is an ambient track with synthetic and bestial sounds. Jungle is a rite of passage integrating African percussion and polyrhythms. Mengele Zoo close this EP with a progressive and psychedelic guitar slick.