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Label : Bass Culture

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2013

Pays : France



Puveyors of Fine Funk - How Dark is Your Deepness

10,99 €


Bass Culture label present a very special comeback EP produced by the ever-trusty Purveyors of Fine Funk AKA Dan Curtin. Back in the mid-nineties Dan made a deep impact with the Purveyors Of Fine Funk outfit, his collaborative project featuring named and unnamed producers. Their music epitomized the mid-nineties groove perfectly, merging late eighties acid and rave influences with a soulful, funk-infused and more polished sound which came predominantly through Peacefrog Recordings. Now Dan is back with his Fine Funk, bringing that unforgettable sound into the 21st Century for an appearance on French label Bass Culture. It’s been 12 years, this EP marks an important chapter in the label’s current output. Curtin, who is originally from Ohio but now lives in Berlin, has put together a collection of four tracks for this comeback EP, which brings together acid influences like the irresistible stabs on Body Close To Mine. Though it opens with that oh-so familiar 303, the track soon evolves into a sultry groover with Rhodes style chords which push things on from the dance floor to the bedroom within seconds. The acid adventures continue on Tease, harking back to Curtin’s original productions, again the acid works in tandem with warm melodies and high-pitched keys to create a delightful piece of music. Then there’s Quickdraw, a deep relentless track punctuated by repetitive bleeps and jovial keys which help to build the atmosphere and energy throughout. Finally, How Dark Is Your Deepness takes things into the Twilight Zone, combining tribal aspects with industrial elements to devastating effect – wait for the R&B-tinged breakdown, huge! The return of Purveyors Of Fine Funk has been a long time coming, but it’s been worth the wait. This is a fantastic new chapter in the story of both Bass Culture and Dan Curtin and an essential addition to any DJ’s box.