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Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : May 2018

Pays : France



Tolga Fidan & Shonky

12,99 €


It's time for a fresh new release from the Apollonia stable, and this time around we unveil four groovy gems from Shonky and Tolga Fidan working together for the first time, giving us a winning combination and one which is sure to satisfy fans of both artists. The first track 'Dynamo' sets the tone for the EP; the bassline has a deadly groove, while playful effects dance around at the top end creating an immersive atmosphere. Intergalactic vibes. After that comes 'Bastille', which features a similarly jaunty rhythm with a variety of bleeps, chirps and twangs layered on top on each other to give the track its depth and character, while a menacing b-line does its dirty work in the low end.On the flip we get 'Micro-Ondes', a mysterious into the undiscovered lands of planet funk. You feel as though you've been transported to another world, where warped creatures lurk, calling out for your attention. As for the bass, its rhythm is utterly contagious. Finally 'Americana' completes the collection, maintaining the unusual use of sound prevalent throughout the EP it utilises a myriad distorted instruments. Support in the low end comes via a tough, punchy bass riff.