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Label : Wax Classic

Format : 2 x 12

Style : House

Style : Deep house

Date de sortie : September 2019

Pays : France



Urban Inc. - Urban Age (LP)

19,99 €


The mysterious Urban Inc producer that gave chills to many with its first release “pleasure planets” is back 4 years later with a HUGE LP ! (the first one on WAX CLASSIC). We are proud to say that this is one of the best release we've ever done. ESSENTIAL ! 

"Fantastic record. When will it be available in the shops? Looking forward, indeed!" ZIP 

"Hello friends :) wow what an amazing album!!! i LOVE it :) amazing" RARESH

"I second ZIP, it’s a great record" VINCENT LEMIEUX (Perlon)

"That track is nice my friend! Urban Age, I love it!" DELANO SMITH (Third ear / Sushitech)

"Yo bro this project is dope! Would love to play out!" DJ AAKAMEL (Church / US)

Support also from : Zip, Raresh, Delano Smith, Vincent Lemieux, Massimiliano Pagliara, DJ Aakmael, Enrico Mantini, Lance desardi, Grant, Oli furness, DJ Soch, Armagnac, Carlos Nilmmns ect ...