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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2010

Pays : France



DJ Sprinkles - House Explosion III Live in Berlin

24,99 €
REF : LAX118


"Adorning ten inches of clear red vinyl, Skylax present the latest in their series of Terre Thaemlitz curated House Explosion releases. Volume 3 sees the house music polemicist present live versions of tracks that were part of Electronics, his 2008 collaboration with conceptual German noise orchestra Zeitkratzer. Recorded in Berlin, Sprinkles drops live acoustic versions of "Down Home Kami - Sakunobe" and "Hobo Train" which stretch the concepts of what passes for deep house brilliantly. This is resolutely not music you'd bang in a warehouse at 2am and is a marked contrast to the deranged Moodymannisns of the recent House Explosion Vol 2 but Sprinkles fans will love this." VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2