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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2010

Pays : France



DJ Sprinkles Vs K-S.H.E - Hush Now

17,99 €
REF : LAX115


DJ Sprinkles vs. K-S.H.E - A Short Introduction to the House Sounds of Terre Thaemlitz 3.5/5 (Resident Advisor)

"A Short Introduction to the House Sounds of Terre Thaemlitz is just that: Two tracks of Thaemlitz's house work pressed onto fresh vinyl via the Skylax label. From 2005 and 2006 respectively, both tracks are taken from Thaemlitz's own Comatose label. Fitting in perfectly with the current popularity of Old School cum New School New York house, it's a timely reminder that Thaemlitz has been a master of this game for some time.

"Hush Now" is a groovy number with fun percussion and a vocal repeating the title, which somewhat belies its political origins. Considering Thaemlitz's extensive back catalogue, it's curious as to why Skylax decided to choose this one in particular. There are plenty of tracks that might have served as a better introduction to the producer's myriad interests. Nevertheless, a miss for Thaemlitz is a gem for others, and the track rolls and winds for the duration, ending in field recordings from what sounds like a march on Washington from AIDS activists.

The B, "B2B" is another animal entirely. Springing to life with a dark bassline and a strong beat, continually modulated by a heavy phaser, the track rushes along while new elements are incorporated. "Brother to brother" repeats and warm pads rise up. As the track breaks for the second time, a funky walking bassline comes into play and piano accompanies. House indeed." Ross Jackson