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Label : Home Invasion

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2018

Pays : France



Franck Roger - Lottus EP

18,00 €
REF : HI17


Lottus got this deep and old school flavour touch, driving and sweat at the same time, this one is for Franck the highlight of his new Ep,so no big words on this one.. It's a Lottus love affair here :-) Air is a cosmic journey into Franck's synthetic drum sounds, passing thru his famous Space Echo 201 made back in the days by Roland..the machine got some natural errors and goes with the tape delay feelings.. it's all about movements and space rythms here.Christal is using the famous 909 drum machine and 808 toms.. this one goes very deep into our mind with strange vocals wich Franck got the secret to play with, it's a sentimental and emotionnal song, cute for some people but very relaxing after all to complete this Ep.My name is was originaly out on Franck's RealTone Records imprint. It came out with two different versions.The track received some good feedbacks and plays so far and our dear friend Berlin based Alexkid came back to us with his own edit and we definitly loved it but we were very busy with the releases.. This edit has been lost in our hard drives and now Franck is more than happy to give it a new life.