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Label : Phonogramme

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : February 2024

Pays : France



Byron The Aquarius - Dey Know Vol.1

18,00 €


Dive into the groundbreaking soundscape of Byron the Aquarius, where innovation meets house music in a mesmerizing fusion. Phonogramme is proud to present "Dey Know Vol.1," a groundbreaking EP showcased on a Transparent Red Splattered Vinyl. Renowned for his avant-garde approach in the house music genre, Byron curates an EP that pushes the boundaries of house music. From the infectious beats of "Black Is Black" with the collaboration of Brandon Banks on "Dr. Devil," each track is a testament to Byron's unique artistic vision. "Real MF From The Avenue" and "Rock That 808!!!" featuring Jordan GCZ further amplify the EP's genre-defying brilliance.
The see-through red splatter on this special vinyl screams Byron's style, making "Dey Know Vol.1" more than just an EP – it's a vibe. Brace for it: "Dey Know Vol.2" drops next year. ????????