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Label : Syncrophone

Format : 12

Style : Electro

Date de sortie : February 2024

Pays : France



Detroit's Filthiest - Proceed With Caution

18,00 €


'Proceed With Caution' is the latest four-track EP of classic Detroit techno from the city's Filthiest (one more recent alias of longtime genre purveyor Julian Shamou), coming packed as ever with a cleanly modern twist, and incorporating elements of breakbeat and g-funk swagger along the way. Easing up on the layering, and thus to provide extra room for snappiness and sonic aloofness, 'Up In Smoke' clears the air, displacing oxygen with pyrolitic combustions, sputters and snare-drummed bangs. Equally is the bass-heavier 'Check Out The Technique', evoking not just the awe of technique, but the horrors of technicity, in its doomy imitations of authoritarian war brasses by way of a synthetic analog bass riff.