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Label : Skylax

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2023

Pays : France



Jakob Mäder - Chord Anthem (Shan Remix)

15,00 €


Jakob Mäder is a dj producer based in stuttgart. Very close to Johannes Albert (franck music). This truly Stakhanovist of production has been multiplying the releases since 2 years. His universe is a subtle mix of house, italo and even trance. And it's some good house music with some slightly trancy touches which are in the spotlight on the 1st track of this ep for our beloved label skylax records, the fabulous "chord anthem". This excellent opener reminds us the mid 90's finest hours when there were no genre barriers. A title designed to last ! To be played without moderation as well as in a house, italo or trance DJ set. “The essence”, a solid and smooth title, receives the "shan" (from running back fame) treatment. “Magic pitch” is eyeing the side of chicago with always this hovering and acid side. And to close this EP, the uptempo “there is hope” because yes there is indeed a lot of hope for this young producer full of future. Note that on the label's bandcamp, with the purchase of the vinyl, you can get 3 exclusive bonus tracks (!) : « Always A Dreamer », « The Essence » (original version) & Universe.