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Label : Cosmic Club

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2011

Pays : France



The Rimshooters - The Jackin Theory

9,99 €
REF : CCC511


Thankfully the only questionable aspect of the 11th release from Skylax's Cosmic Club series is the name Rimshooters. See past that and this EP contains some supreme body music fit for full flex in the discotheque, which is what you'd expect when the ever excellent ostgut berghain panorama bar boy Massimiliano Pagliara is involved. Fresh from an excellent album for Live At Bob Johnson's, the Berlin residing Italian teams up with Brazilian neighbour Rotciv, and the duo set their stall out with the brash "All I Need". Containing all the elements required for a modern day jacker - big drums, gloopy bass hits, squiggling acid lines, yelping diva vocal hooks and emotive flourishes, the track glides across the A Side with aplomb. Flip over and "Night Vision" is the duo on rowdier form, building the tension with a taut warehouse groove before dropping in some sampled vibes and energising rhythms, whilst "I Beg You" focuses on the acid drum machine drama. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3