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Label : Carpet & Snares Patterns

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : October 2018

Pays : Portugal

Rupture de stock

Rupture de stock


Berllioz - Could Put EP (Losoul remix)

12,99 €


Vinyl only. Modern minimal house from a studio in the foothills of Sintra. Berllioz's labyrinthine modular setup and epic live sessions are legendary in Portugal, and here Carpet & Snares bring us three compositions stemming from those hardware improvisations, plus a remix by Playhouse veteran Losoul. Berllioz's originals go down three distinct paths, from the tricksy nostalgia of 'Pi‚ge' to the mechanic muscle that motivates 'Reduction', and finally the airy island-hopping of 'Climbdown'. Losoul takes 'Pi‚ge' for an extended shuffle round town, reminding us again of the simple pleasure of getting lost in the beat.