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Label : Bosconi

Format : 2LP

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2015

Pays : Italy




Life's Track - Venere LP (12inch + 7Inch)

16,99 €


We left Herva & Dukwa with a bunch of bangers with their latest Ep "It Fell Down"... we found ?em back only after few months with their first Life?s Track longer player featuring animpressive variety of styles but always with their unmissable, raw and twisted up touch. This album of 8 tracks, spread in one twelve and a seven inches, starts on A side with thefunky break of "Needed", continuing with the deep driving moment of "Amore" and the hip hop beat of "Put It On". On the flip side instead we find the catchy vocal riff of the stomping roller called "Freak With Us" followed by the soulful ghetto tech vibe of Call It You" and the melancholic, romantic, stoned and rotten lullaby of ""Tired Brass"". More tasty and unusual grooves are included in the tiny wax which close the record up, on a side the peaceful, abstract, suspended and atmospheric dimensions of "Play With Me" and on the other the glow-fi-sh and ""emo""-tech wave of ""Venere"". Unmissible!"