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Label : Bosconi Extra Virgin

Format : 12

Style : House

Date de sortie : 2011

Pays : Italy




Various Artist - Good Times Vol.2

10,99 €


New awaited various artist on Extra Virgin featuring some of our favourite homegrown artists, a 4 tracker ep that will definetly please your springtime: on A side you'll find the soulful boogie vibe of Mr D'Aquino with 'She likes my Body' and the dirty and rough street funk sound of newcomer artist E-dward!, while on B side you'll experience the sunshiny and utopist slo-beat groove of the italian disco-don Riccio and the obscure,freaked out, psychedelic and stripped down Chicago-house track "Saturday Night" by ourveterans jackers trio The Clover . Enjoyupbeat version of their slowmotion gem called "TOGETHER", that this time, thanks to altered states re touch of Darryl and Shone has become a proper and fat techno arena bomb, now just for the pleasure of absolutely everybody. You won't miss it, for sure.