Cosmogony EP


Cosmic Club

A1 1997

A2 Black Shades

B1 Nut

B2 Maat

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COSMIC CLUB is SKYLAX Sub ? label. For this 13th release, we give you the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax done by one of today?s hotest producer : JOE DRIVE.

Here you will find something really rare these days : some intelligent house &
techno. ?1997? opens with an atmospheric dark & mysterious groove we fell in love with as if the track was completly suspended in the air.

Followed by the monstruous ?BLACK SHADES? that will bring your feets down to earth to start dancing to the sound of these incredible heavy melodies.

On the flipside we have 2 other crazy tracks. It first start first with ?NUT?
which means night in the ancient egyptian religion, Nut was the goddess of the sky and indeed we feel completely immersed into the night all along the track. To end ?MAAT?, a deep house track in the pure moodymann tradition to close the circle. To add maat is again in old egyptian the story of how the world began.

To be true we really think that if cosmic music has a sense today, it should be done like this. Joe drive?s sound is firmly rooted in proto-house and acid. However, he does not just do a copy & paste of the past, he?s bringing something really fresh & new to those old sound.

This 12 inch is wonderfull & already timeless for us. On this evidence, Joe Drive is clearly one to watch.


Label Cosmic Club

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