Garage Sessions #1


Wax Classic

A1 What did you say

A2 Feel strong

B1 Around

B2 Release yourself

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For our 9th release, we give you the opportunity to grab 4 fantastic trax done by one of the best deep house producers in France right now : CONCEPT e25.

They are a french producers duo. Their passion for electronic music was ignited in the early 90's when they discovered labels such as F Communications and FNAC. The pair both had strong musical backgrounds but only joined forces in 2009.

Since then they have continually been developing their sound and exploring new and diverse ways of making music together, 'with a burning proclivity for making good ol' fashioned grooves - but not without a chic, modern twist' as noticed by Pulse after 'Back to the Source EP' on Seven Music, 'Garage Sessions l' is their 7th EP and is released by WAX Classics - a sub-label of the famous SKYLAX Records. 'Garage Sessions I' continues their journey into the 90's Underground House world, with 4 tracks featuring funky basslines, classic.


Artist CONCEPT E25
Label Wax Classic

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